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Translation and Revision

The Concept of Revision in Translation

In Translation Terminology (1999:175), the term ‘revision’ refers to the following concepts:

 “A detailed comparative examination of the translated text with the respective source text in order to verify that the sense is the same in both texts and to improve the quality of the target text.

A function usually assigned to an experienced translator for the purpose of ensuring that texts translated by others will measure up to the standards of professional translation. [...]”

Isabelle ROBERT
 “Translation Revision Procedures: An Explorative Study”

Some aspects that I consider very important and that I apply in translation and revision:

Firstly, understanding the source text is crucial, and having proficiency in both the source and target language.

Being culturally sensitive to avoid misunderstandings and adapt the translation to the target audience.

Very important as well is to ensure consistency in terminology, style, and tone throughout the translation.

Using technology, and make use of our investigative skills.

Lastly, implementing a rigorous proofreading/revision process to catch errors and ensure the final translation is of high quality.